As I look back over my life, I would have never thought I would be as blessed as I am. Being adopted at just five days old was the start of my blessings. My adoptive parents were foster parents, as they tell me I was the chosen one. My life growing up, in a Christian home was amazing. I loved playing outside and having fun with my friends. My friends say my laugh was and still is enchanting, and it will continue to make smiles on people's faces. Even at a young age, my friends would say that I am a trustworthy, sweet, honest, ambitious, zealous, helpful, and logical person. Not really knowing what any of those adjectives meant, including to be a Christian until the age of 13, after being baptized. While understanding and learning, that I can do all things in Christ that strengthens me. I have always had the love of helping people, spiritually, mentally, and physically. This is what led to starting my career as a Registered Medical Assistant in 2003. Working in this medical field has been nothing but rewarding. Then in 2012, I met Brian, “My Breath of Fresh Air”. Meeting Brian, a Pastor, was a change of direction for my life, being a single mom. His plan with the help of God led me down the path of marriage in 2013. Bringing our family of 8 together in a Christian home has led to us wanting and praying for our hearts' biggest desire to plant our Ministry of Help, EASEL OUTREACH right here in our local area. Our ministry and mission with Gods help and direction will continue to show and plant the love of God in everyone’s mind, body, heart, and soul that comes within our arms reach.