Who We Are

Easel Outreach will Restore the importance of Creatives within the body of Christ. God empowered the Artisans to create a Holy place for the spirit of God to dwell on earth.

God has placed a mandate onto Easel Outreach to be empowered by the spirit of God to Rebuild communities for Creatives to be healed from anxiety; stress, be empowered to fight injustice; racism, and restore integrity back into the body of Christ.

Our Vision

Easel Outreach will flow in a polycentric approach to leadership. Polycentric approach to leadership Identifies a group of People within the community that flow and operate as one United front for the edification of the body of Christ. We will acknowledge, train, and empower the fivefold ministry gifts to create balance Within Easel Outreach that embodies the polycentric approach to leadership. This approach also helps people identify Their natural God-given gifts for the body of Christ. God didn’t Hardwire gifts into your DNA according to wealth, class or race. God gave you these gifts to identify what you are called to do by him as a holy mandate of service on to the body of Christ.


Brian & Pamela Thompson

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